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Dating in New York. Find people to meet and date in New York City quickly and.
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Reviews Most Recent 99 Most Helpful You just keep it real and not hash on people. I am happy that I found myself here in the site which I appreciate a lot. Interesante la app by Ba Nice work by saeed? This is the best app I have ever come across to, I like the site and I wish them the best long live Topface app.

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My app just shutdown anytime i tried to open it or run it can anyone one help. Nor see who viewed you or like you!!!

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I like this program too much because it made me know many people. Pura basura no lo descarguen a menos que seas estupido para regalar dinero. Not enough people using it.

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Horrible and fake app u get likes but u cant see them unless u pay and the people are not even real they most bot in here yuck never again horribleeeee do not down load. You pick a city and it shows you people from other countries Not a good app. You have to pay immediately to be able to text anybody even if you match. ZERO stars if I could! With respect I have some suggestion for u should omit charge for any thing because the user will leave your app and get a way please think about it and omit more charging Ehsas.

I'm not happy I can't believe I would talking vip girl please. Well this app is amazing just try it and your not gonna lose. I subscribe for vip and I was blocked, my subscription should be returned immediately. Again it began to have issues.

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Please fix those issues I think as we pay monthly dues we should have issues or refund us. Don't waste your time downloading the app, delete your topface profile and go somewhere else. These people that run the site want to charge you for everything. There's a small monthly fee if you want to be part of the site but if you want to chat and see who "likes" you, you have to also pay for that and a few other options, and it's not like these options last a month along with your monthly subscription, they last only a few hours. The whole site is full of women from Russia, you search in New York and out of 20 about 17 are Russian, and that's the same story through out a lot of cities that you search.

There are also a high number of fake profiles made my spammers and scammers. There's a lot of spam and spammers trying to scam you, basically every like that you get is from someone trying to get you to a webcam site, porn subscription site or trying to scam money out of you. Who ever comes here giving a positive review most likely works for topface, but if you really want to find out for yourself, go ahead and waste your money.

Okay so I'm a guy and we all people get lonely sometimes and then we think about online dating apps First thing I enter the app it pops up get 7 free days VIP but when you click on it they expect you to pay for it so what's the point! But the worst thing of all is when I tried to text someone that viewed me it said that "I need to be a VIP member to text people" this is crazy! What's the point of a dating app when you can't talk to anyone and you know what I've been seeing this a lot in some dating apps and it's sad.

So I hope you read this and please don't download this app it's horrible okay it could've been good but nope they ruined themselves. It is what it is. Well, I haven't really been active that much on it and some of it sorta confuses me just cause I don't know enough about it and it's not like it explains that much to ya.

There is a FAQ section but you know already that they are computer generated generic questions with the same dry answers. Not really stuff that a human being would have an answer about or need. Anyways the girls for the most part they are all beautiful ladies and they just want somewhere to be and someone to be with. I don't know that m that person or even that GOOD of a person to even be considered for that role, but I gotta stay in touch with the.

Hicks amen check em out ya know? The are all worth checking out. They don't have support, so here's my bug report here. List of profiles are super messy, profile list goes in loops, it's like a never ending list same exact people — no matter if you like it or not.

Fake and repeated profiles a lot 3. Error messages are no different from the person you chat with, at least add some styling to it lousy job - basically you cannot tell a difference between person's answering you and system error message. Ads, they are freaking everywhere — no matter what do you click, you must watch advertising, or purchase some VIP package for what, the app is the worst of its kind 5.

Visitors - this part is totally broken or some developer made it randomly pop to imitate huge traffic.

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Funny, but I even had a chat with other person about me visiting her too much and not saying a word - while I didn't even matched or anything: Notifications small red dots on your app never goes away in the number usually varies from 15 to 50, so what is that for? To make me wonder and keep opening the app??? Video games advertising was the last drop I live a semi-isolated life because I primarily use an electric wheelchair for mobility and find that I'm unable to get to "Social hangouts" to meet woman for a relationship.

Communicating using Are You Interested with females restores much of the self confidence, relations-hiply I otherwise would be without! I attract the same quality and frequency of women that I did when I could regularly be out in the social-scene prior to my injury as I make mutual "Interested-contacts" using this service.

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A great way of meeting! Enjoyable, thank u for not making me pay: I have used Mamba and I think it is better in several respects than this app.

Mamba is also free but unlike this app it doesn't have a decreasing energy level prompting you to buy more to stay online. I'll try it out a bit longer but if it doesn't improve I'll be leaving it. This app is a total scam! Apart from the fact that everything you do requires you to pay more and more, even after paying for a monthly membership, every girl on here is just looking to scam you.

They list themselves in your city, but when you talk to them they soon tell you that they are in Africa on some humanitarian mission, hard of hearing so they can't talk only text, or some other ridiculous thing. Very possible they are hired by the app them self to scam you. This site is a complete waste of your time, I have never wrote a review on anything but thought they needed to be exposed to what they are really doing to try and take your money so BEWARE. This is a great whether if you looking for friends or someone to chat to, this one has it all.

I been using topface for three days and already have a girlfriend from my city. All you do is just enter a location, hit search and have the most beautiful men and women at your fingertips. Interesting app; not sure of overall utility of 'meeting' someone , miles away although interesting, not practical - in it's configuration, it needs a language translating utility built into it! Otherwise, I would give it a 'five' just due to the amusement factor: I really think top fees is one of the best dating sites because there is a lot of a personal contact involved which is true and not fake and because there's always locals that are close to you for dating and I really enjoyed that thank you very much.

It's all bout the money with this app every single thing you try to do it will ask for you to pay.

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You have to pay for likes hearts everything and you can't even speak to the feature users! One way to make sure you have a date or dates arranged for Christmas This app is best known for the following features and qualities: If you like Topface - Dating Meeting Chat!

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